warning jmbm jmbm.com bernard gans mina sirkin news Century city Scumbag no good crook criminal attorneys forged my name out of the will made a new will buried my mom in the dark then attorney Mina Sirkin one of the lawyers sending me threatening letter to shut up about it or else. And now, JMBM Jeffer Mangels Butler Mitchell LLP partner attorney Bernard Gans and attorney Mina Sirkin are hiding in the dark despite my outcries asking them what did they do with my mothers body.







100 year old Jewish woman dies and probate attorney Bernard Gans (NOT BLOOD) Bernard Gans buries her overnight without letting her family know. Bernard Gans trustee attorney actions has Caused great pain and lifetime emotional psychological damage Berard Gans probate attorney purpusly did not contact the family to tell them their 100 year old mothers passing and attend the funeral. there is a $30,000,000.00 cash reward money to anyone that has any information regarding Berney's motivations behind it to conduct such act. The children must know what happened. $30,000,000.00 cash reward. this act has caused lifetime great psychological emotional damage to the 5 children and 50 grand kids great grand kids beyond imagination Which is inhumane. Luigi warning JMBM $30,000,000.00 cash reward, Luigi warning Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP accident lawfirm. $30,000,000.00 cash reward (310) 203-8080 criminal news picture Photo JMBM Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP attorney covered up my mothers passing buried her overnight in the dark forged my name out of the will of trust (310) 203-8080




Mina Sirkin sends a gangster type bullying threat letter to mr. Luigi Bian to forget about her clients forging his name out of the will of trust burying his mother in secret in the dark. In the letter Mina Sirkin says to move on or else. Shame on Mina Sirkin and Mina Sirkin ways of law practice protecting her criminal clients and bullying the Innocent victims. I think US government should take away the attorneys law practices who conduct business Mafia style. Mina Sirkin is a bully and a mean person protecting Bernard Gans Shahin Gans her no good criminal clients.